Our Portfolio

Our projects include:

  • Well-site preparation and decommissioning

  • Manufacturing and marketing of health equipment

  • Design, modeling, and setting up of greenhouse infrastructures

  • Sustainable agricultural research and development

  • Agric extension, retail marketing, and loan management

  • Oil and gas production infrastructure facilities Management.

  • Factory equipment maintenance

  • Oxygen and nitrous oxide gas plants

  • Supply of various industrial-grade chemicals

  • Building and adhesive coat biotech chemical and equipment (Green Tech)

  • Erection of process plants and steel structures

  • Erection of electrical substations, switchgear control panels, and distribution boards

  • Distribution of marking and secure coding machines for PVC, food, and non-food companies

Our Strategic Planning

  • Serve as a framework for decisions or for securing support/approval.

  • Provide a basis for more detailed planning.

  • Explain the business to others to inform, motivate & involve.

  • Assist benchmarking & performance monitoring.

  • Stimulate change and become a building block for the next plan.

Our Customers

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