Our Services

Hermonwell Company Limited, as a group of companies, offers a diversified range of services which include, but are not limited to, the following;

Supply of Coding Machines

We supply new technology machines

Hermonwell Company Limited offers a supply of new technology coding machines, laser welding machinery, and laser welding machine cabinet electrical panels, among other products used across several industrial sectors.


Hermonwell Company Limited's core role in the African markets is farming: production and processing of healthy foods, with the capacity to meet SDG 1, ending hunger.

We own 4,500 square km of farmland situated in Ekiti state the border between north and south of Nigeria and 30hecters farmland for wheat and rice in Hadeja Jigawa state.

Presently we export hibiscus flowers and cocoa beans anywhere in the world. You can see our products by clicking on this link - Exporters of Agricultural Products

Building and Designing of Agricultural Equipment

We engage in building models, designs, markets, manufacture, supply agriculture management tools and equipment (aquatics and terrestrial). We design and supply solar pumps for farmers across Nigeria.

Also, we are involved in the areas of research and development, farms infrastructure architecture for the green ecosystem, (Greenhouse).

Retail Trade Distribution

We have developed retail trade distribution, OTC, for domestic users of spraying insecticide (2,2dichlorovinyldimethylphosphate comp) for distribution of agrochemicals via the standard route to market strategy to West African markets as a competitor to a brand called Snipper.

We specialize in supplying and trading crude oil and refined petroleum products and marketing flavors and food ingredients, food chemicals, beverages, and non-food chemicals.

We are a reliable partner for physical oil trading, matched by activity in the swaps market to counterbalance the price volatility existing in these markets. Also, liquid products container and provision of reservoir studies, field studies, field development plans, work programs & operations management, and financial planning.

Equipment procurement, sales, installation, and maintenance

Procurement, sales, supplies, installation, maintenance, and servicing of all environment and public health sanitation-related equipment and plants.

Project Management

Hermonwell Company Limited handles civil and building engineering construction services. We provide general services for various arms of operations in Nigeria, which include government, NGOs, and private sectors. Our experience ranges from providing consultancy services to undertaking significant contracts.

Hermonwell Company Limited directs its effort toward meeting its client's desires with maximum cooperation.

With the client's receipt of a contract, we ensure that our work meets the desire from inception to completion of projects.

Our competence is vital in building engineering, earth sciences (geology), environmental sciences, surveys, and computer applications in building, also piping stress analysis that includes:

  • Project management/scheduling,

  • Estimating construction management

  • Site inspection/shop inspection

Water Purification Solutions

Sustainable water purification solutions (microfiltration, ultra-filtration, reverse osmosis technologies, and boiler treatment) powered by renewable energy sources.

Non-technical Support Services

The company also offers non-technical support services in the following areas:

  • General supplies

  • Sustainable Medical development

  • Piping Stress Analysis

  • Project Management/Scheduling feasibility studies

  • Project financing

  • Civil engineering service and management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Pressure Vessels

  • Heat Transfer and human capacity development.

Hermonwell Academy

Hermonwell Academy is one of the subsidiaries that handle agriculture and agronomy consultancy on B2B, B2C, to INGO, ODA, the government in agric research and market analysis for strategy and implementation, training, and development of stakeholders as a college of agriculture.

If you are residing within Kano State and its environs, contact our Kano customer care line below for the above-listed services, and the products we supply.

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